This week the older LJA students addressed and mailed nearly 250 fund raising postcards. Each card invited church friends and families to contribute to their trip to Washington, D.C. Everyday we pray for the funds needed to pay for this memorable trip. Students also took postcards home to send them to close family members and friends.

The May 9–16, trip will enable our LJA kids to better understand difficult historical facts. All of their senses will be involved in learning. They will be able to actively participate in the events going on around them. They will have the opportunity to ask questions of and listen to experts in Washington, D.C., Williamsburg, Yorktown and Jamestown. They’ll be able to see a current archeological digging in action.

While most parents do their best to introduce their children to the world around them, the truth is that, many times, lack of time, or money prevents families from traveling to places of historical and cultural significance.

We invite you to assist in funding this special trip to Washington, D.C. God bless you for your generous donations.