I am thrilled that our Lubbock Junior Academy school board approved our special trip to Washington, D.C. for our students. Also, my appreciation goes to our supportive church. Thank you for allowing our students to see that their prayers for travel funds are being answered. These students will always remember this trip and how their church helped them. Also, many thanks go to those in our church family who are still planning on contributing to this most worthy cause.

Several of the students want to make certain that they see the Lincoln Memorial. It stands at the west end of the National Mall and looks like it has always been there. This monument honors our 16th president. Inside the 99 foot tall marble temple is a large sculpture of Abraham Lincoln seated in a chair. Inscribed on the southern wall is the Gettysburg address. Above the inscription is a mural depicting the angel of truth freeing a slave.

The memorial is often used as a gathering place for protesters and political rallies. The most memorable was the march on Washington in 1963, when Martin Luther King delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech. All of us at Lubbock Junior Academy want to thank you for helping us achieve our own dream. Thank you for helping to send us to Washington, D.C.

Susan Zimmermann