It was still our first day in Washington, D.C., with the Lubbock Junior Academy students still walking around the National Mall. The cool breezes and billowing clouds foretold of a spring rain storm but we needed to keep going so we could see the Vietnam Memorial. The walk around the Reflecting Pool seemed never-ending, but the kids had to see the “Wall.” The official name is the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The statues of three Vietnam soldiers opposite the Wall are called “The Servicemen.” This Memorial is not a war Memorial but a Memorial to all who served in the war.

We noticed numerous small American flags placed in front of the Wall and several people making rubbings of the names of a Vietnam soldier. We were quiet and respectful as we walked down the Wall’s adjacent sidewalk viewing the names of over 58,000 dead, MIA, and POW soldiers. Notes left at the Wall clearly reminded us that the pain of this war still affects many as we note the 50th anniversary of Vietnam. Seeing the Wall, the students were able to catch a glimpse into the anguish many of the family and friends experience as they see, touch, and rub the names of a loved one.

I would like to invite every parent of school age children to pray earnestly about sending their children to Lubbock Junior Academy. Jesus has asked us to take a long walk with Him. Let LJA help you and your child take that long walk together.

Susan Zimmermann