Greetings from
your Church School:

Twenty Years ago, when we moved into this
building, everyone was so grateful and truly
believed this building to be a “Gift from God.” At our first
Business Meeting, there were many ideas of how we could
‘give back’ – how could we focus our vision in ways that
would allow us to be not only a Church, but a Center of the
Community! We wanted to have a Health Care Center, be a
beacon for Community Service, conduct Evangelistic
Meetings, have a Christian School, and the list went on and
on. When the time came to prioritize our visions, starting
an Elementary School was voted as the
Number One Priority!
The process was painfully slow; however, when
Pastor Earl Robertson came and learned
that our Number One priority was to
“Start an Elementary School”, he led the way!

LJA has had many ups & downs over the course of its
operations, which began in August 2010. That said,
the 2022-2023 school year just ended with the most
excitement possible!

We must pause to thank you for your support of both LJA
and the Pathfinder Bible Experience Team that included
several LJA Students. The PBE Team was awarded
“FIRST PLACE” in all stages up to (and including) the
North American Division level!

The PBE Team was led by (“Mr. Bim”) Bim Paez, LJA Teacher
and Pathfinder Club Co-leader, along with fellow Coleader
Smiley Verastegui, and coached by Ubani Ikonne.

The LJA Student Population remains the biggest
challenge faced by the School. We need your help! If you
have Elementary Age Children or know of Elementary Age
Children, we would gladly welcome them as our Students.

THANK YOU ALL for your continued financial support of
LJA and of the Worthy Student Fund.
More than ever we need the financial support
of you, our church congregation!
We have never had to turn students away that could not
pay full tuition due to your continued support.
Yours in Christ,

The LJA School Board:
Glenn Blake, Kathy Flyger; Pastor Sam Garbi;
Jose Garcia; Yolanda Garcia; Jane Perez;
Cindy Riley; Smiley Verastegui; Sandra
Patterson, Conference Superintendent;
Robert Plant, II, Board Chair
and Jan Yates, Vice Chair