The Library of Congress was the first stop on day two of our Washington, D.C. trip. The Main Building was renamed the Jefferson Building after President Thomas Jefferson. It is just one of three mammoth buildings that house the Library of Congress. I led the students to the staircase in the Grand Hall. We were looking everywhere at once as we climbed the stairs taking in as much of the ornate designs and grandness of the Grand Hall as we could. The staircase was designed to show America’s love of learning, science, work, and culture.

We were permitted to enter an enclosed balcony overlooking the main reading room. We studied the statues of great writers and philosophers along the walls. We were all impressed by the immensity of the main reading room.

An exhibit displaying the library of Thomas Jefferson was open to the public. The books were placed on shelves enclosed by glass. The students touched the glass so they could be close to books that were actually touched and read by the author of the Declaration of Independence. We also saw a glass case which held a Gutenberg Bible, one out of only 48 remaining in the world.

Yes, great books fill the Library of Congress. Some are rare and are collector’s items. Please prayerfully consider sending your child to Lubbock Junior Academy where they will learn about the most powerful book of all times — the Holy Bible.