Our Visit to the Ford’s Theater We were fortunate enough to visit Ford’s Theater where President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated. The refurbished and still used theater lets visitors explore the auditorium and stand next to the Lincoln box. It was there on the fateful night of April 14th, 1865, that John Wilkes Booth entered an unguarded and unlocked door and shot President Lincoln at point-blank range.

We walked down the stairs to the basement museums to see the actual derringer use by Lincoln’s assassinator on that fateful night. Afterward, we crossed the street to the Peterson House where President Lincoln died in a back bedroom. The president who abhorred violence became a victim of violence.

Next to the Peterson House is a museum which honors the Lincoln legacy. This museum shows us that Lincoln was a man of the people. In fact, one who despite enormous obstacles and odds, exemplified the “American Dream” at its finest.

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