The King’s Heralds used to sing a glorious song called, “Walk in Jerusalem.” The chorus’ lyrics begin with the phrase, “I want to be ready to walk in Jerusalem just like John.” The students at Lubbock Junior Academy want to also walk with John.

With Prophecy Seminar flyers in hand, they walked about 30 blocks, inserting flyers into door handles, under welcome mats, between the storm door and front door and even to people.

The students were divided into pairs, so no child needed to go to a door by themselves. Dr. Simmons took half the children on one side of the street and Miss Zimmermann took the other half on the opposite side of the street. Two Friday mornings were spent passing out flyers.

Our LJA kids were chased by friendly dogs and greeted at some doors by menacing looking dogs. Sometimes just inserting the flyer into a door was a challenge.

Yes, John, I think we’re ready to walk into Jerusalem with you. We’ll be there because Bible heroes like you and Daniel have led the way.