LJA Red Ribbon Week

The week of Oct. 22 – 26, special morning worship times encouraged students to stay away from alcohol. One of the worship times they learned about a young girl whose father was an alcoholic. This young girl grew into a woman who also drank and became so depressed she was willing to end her life. Her baby and the support of our Heavenly Father helped her through those tough times.

Other worship times highlighted the life of Betty Ford who was addicted to alcohol and pills. Her life was an example to other women to seek help for their addictions. Candy Lightner was a woman who took a stand against driving and drinking. After her daughter was killed by a drunk driver Candy and her friends started (MADD) Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

The week concluded by learning about the years of alcohol addiction of Dr. Bob Smith, co-founder of (AA) Alcoholics Anonymous. On the last day the students learned about Chicago Sun-Times journalist, Roger Ebert, who finally came to the realization that his life was out of control and that he needed to attend AA meetings on a regular basis.

Each morning worship time emphasized that a Greater Power must be involved in order to be released from the habit of regularly consuming alcohol. This Greater Power is Jesus Christ who is the greatest champion of everyone. Our prayer is that our students will elect to be drug free for the rest of their lives.