The week of November 5-9, 2012 was Fall Week of Prayer at Lubbock Junior Academy. Pastor Jeremy McCombs led the week of spiritual emphasis. It was a time for the students to become acquainted with our pastor and to learn more about special Bible heroes.

The LJA students were reintroduced to King David, Samuel, the Little Maid, Daniel and the childhood of Jesus. Pastor Jeremy started each morning playing the guitar and leading a song service. Several Bible texts were used to emphasize the life of each Biblical hero. The students enjoyed reading the verses and answering the questions our pastor asked. They especially liked thinking and answering what they would do in certain difficult situations.

The Fall Week of Prayer provided the students a huge blessing along with insight so that they may more fully reflect the image of God. We see the future leaders of our church and lives filled with service to the world in our Lubbock Junior Academy students.

We thank God daily for a school where our children can learn each day about the character of Jesus.