Over the past three and a half years, the Lubbock Seventh-day Adventist Church has been purchasing books, for LJA, from the Adventist Book Center Bookmobile. These books have included stories about nature, missionaries, and other character building topics.

Recently, we finished The Sonrise Farm Series, by Kathy Pistole. There are four books in the series which depict Jenny Thomas who has the opportunity to attend a horse camp. Jenny desperately wants to learn to ride a palomino and perhaps even own one of these beauties someday. During the camp, Jenny discovers she has a natural talent for working with horses.

While she hones her skills with horses, she also learns to grow in faith and love with Jesus Christ. Jenny learns how life’s ups and downs can actually be a part of God’s plan to nudge her towards a trusting relationship with Christ. A certain horse by the name of Sonny, is the four-legged angel that forces Jenny to honestly see herself for what God sees in her, one of his very own.

Our utmost thanks goes to our church family for purchasing such interesting and thought provoking books.