At the annual LJA Christmas party we traditionally play a game called, “Traveling Bingo.” Each student is given a bingo-type card with the names of all the students, teachers and a few other LJA significant words. Each card has the same names on the card, but each one in a different order. One of the teachers asks a question about a student or one of the other words. The answer is given and a piece of candy is placed on the correct word. When a student gets five in a row he/she can take a present from under the tree or from another student. Sometimes students pass a present back and forth several times before the game is over.

Another game the students like to play is Limbo. Students, not teachers, try to see how low they can bend backwards and go underneath the Limbo stick. We went outside to play a favorite recess game and then the students gave a talent show. Some of the talents were readings, flexibility demonstrations and a piano solo. We finished the morning with pizza and listening to a read-aloud book.

In the afternoon we went to the Science Spectrum to watch the new Omni film about the Great Lakes. We learned how sturgeon are being preserved and how the Great Lakes are once again teaming with life. Our Christmas party ended by playing on the playground equipment. It certainly was a Christmas party, our students won’t soon forget!

Lubbock Junior Academy is currently accepting registration for the Winter-Spring semester 2013 as we have adequate teaching staff to accommodate another seven students in grades 1 through 8 and we offer a very “safe” environment.