When we teach Bible, we encourage discussion about the lesson and how to apply it to our daily lives. This week, students learned about The Parable of the Sower. The Sower throws the seeds to the ground in order for them to grow. Some seeds fall by the road, some fall on rocky soil, others fall among thorny weeds, while others fall onto good ground and bring forth good grain and fruit.

The Sower is our Jesus Christ who scatters His truth to all people. We choose what kind of heart we want in order to accept Christ’s love and grace. If our hearts are open to receive, then we have the privilege to join Him in helping others learn about Christ. If our hearts are hard, thorny, or we aren’t paying attention, then God’s abundant grace passes us by. On our playground this week t here were several brown and broken liquor bottles. We assumed that some people spent New Year’s Eve close to our school. In our discussion about the Sower scattering the good seed, a question came to mind. “What happens when the good seed is scattered on those who have been drinking?”

Quickly, our students stated that a mind clouded with liquor could not hear or even comprehend the truth of Jesus Christ. It seems as though a modern day application of the Sower can be understood by even the youngest of students.