Poor Jeremiah! People just wouldn’t listen to his warnings. For forty years he stood before the people in Jerusalem and prophesied the destruction of Solomon’s temple and the city. The prophet was imprisoned because he spoke so plainly.

Often, Jeremiah used everyday objects such as a belt or a clay jar to illustrate God’s warnings. The students learned how Jeremiah used a new clay jar and broke it in front of the people to emphasize how their land would one day be totally destroyed if they did not turn from their evil ways.

I took the students outside and told them how Jeremiah broke a new clay jar as an illustration of the prophet’s warnings. I threw a clay pot and it smashed into several pieces. Those broken pieces represented Jerusalem’s broken relationship with God.

The students and I then discussed how Jesus longs for us to have a full relationship with Him. God wants our faithfulness, obedience and good works. Each child was allowed to take a broken piece of the clay pot to remind them each day to pray for a full, rich experience with Jesus and not a broken one.