I took my first computer class in 1982. During the ensuing years, I’ve learned DOS, Pascal, and Lynx. Things have certainly changed over time.

Students at Lubbock Junior Academy are thrilled to have three new Dell computers and flat screen monitors. They are currently using them for research purposes and word processing.

The LJA students will be able to use these new computers to learn Corel Suite and Word. In addition, we will be able to use Typing Pals to teach keyboarding. They will be able to use the web based Spelling City to learn vocabulary and spelling words through games and activities. The LJA students will use Brain- Pop to learn a variety of curricular concepts through animation and educational programs.

Never did I envision, in my early teaching years, what computers can do to help students and teachers learn about academics. We now know that today’s students must have a thorough knowledge of technology and content in order to work in our society. We are so thankful for the generosity of those who helped purchase these new computers.

Now, where did I put my TRS-80 and Royal typewriter?