LJA social studies class on Feb. 12, invited the students to take a seat at President Lincoln’s desk and see some of the everyday items that helped him make history.

Students also chose two items from their school belongings that were most important to them. These were items that would aid them in being the best they could be.

Some items that were found on President Lincoln’s desk after his death included:

A Quill Pen – As a young man growing up on the frontier, Lincoln would have practiced his writing skills with a quill pen. Even after finding success as an attorney and later as the President of the United States, he never entirely gave up his habit of using a quill.

Ink Well – While preparing his speech for his first Inaugural Address in March of 1861, President Lincoln used a common, wooden inkwell.

Presidential Letter Sealer – As President of the United States, he used his personal seal on a daily basis, sealing letters and other important documents that were not meant for prying eyes. The seal, which has the symbol of the President of the United States is mounted on an ivory handle.

When LJA students sit at their desks, what would be the things that would help them change the world for the better? Most of the students believed the following two items would help them…their Bible and a water bottle.