The Education Department of the Texico Conference com-missioned Mr. Todd Gessele from Totally INSPIRED Media INC. (producer of inspiring videos, projects & photographs.) to produce a recruiting video for Lubbock Junior Academy. Our students were interviewed and asked to invite others to come to LJA and be friends with them. Lots of action videos and photographs were shot on the playground showing the students playing and having fun. Along with shots of the students practicing for a Sabbath special music presentation. Parents were interviewed and I was asked to describe the Mastery Learning approach to teaching and learning, and the role Christ has in our classroom.

Imagine my surprise to discover that Todd had been one of my students about 36 years ago in Lincoln, NE! Todd has certainly changed over the years. I guess I have also. What fun that day was. I had the privilege and blessing of working with a past student and present students. God is good!

Susan Zimmermann