The Conference Center has been transformed into an ocean of fun with colorful fishing nets hanging from the ceiling holding interesting sea creatures. The walls are decorated with fish, sea fans, crabs, and a scuba diver.

Our week-of-prayer guest speaker, Sally Streib, came from Florida to share her love of Jesus and the ocean with LJA students and a few other children. We learned how rough and plain the outside of an abalone shell looks on the outside. However, when the animal inside is taken out of the abalone shell, there is an iridescent rainbow of colors streaking throughout the inside of it. She told us that sometimes we judge people by the outside, but if we take the time, we can learn how beautiful a person really is.

Our week-of-prayer guest speaker, Miss Sally told us about how she worships in the ocean. She sings even though there is an air tube in her mouth and writes on an underwater slate about the things Jesus has created. She told us about a Giant Manta Ray that swam above her head and how astonished she was at the animal’s size. Two students held each end of a rope, 22 feet long, so we could see how enormous a Giant Manta Ray can be.

Our week-of-prayer guest speaker, Sally Streib has many more stories and explanations about her dives in the deep sea. Please come to vespers tonight at 6 p.m. to hear about her adventurous life with the sea and with Jesus. She will also have her books and materials available for purchase after the vespers.

Susan Zimmerman