We have a new friend at LJA – Lubbock Junior Academy. It’s called duct tape! Last week the students used a pencil and different colors of duct tape to make a flower. Some flowers were made of one solid color and others were multi-colored.

In just a short time, we learned that duct tape is very sticky. Some of the tape sticks to itself, some adheres to a piece of paper, and some clings to the user. Scissors don’t work well because duct tape loves to stick to them too.

We had a lot of fun making flowers, choosing duct tape colors and trying to make the flowers look like they were bursting into bloom. If you would like to try you hand at making duct tape flowers check out the web site Seven Sisters at http:// sevensistersinchrist.blogspot.com/2011/02/luckyducky- duct-tape-flower-pens.html