Last Friday, March 29, Lubbock Junior Academy visited the Science Spectrum. We went to see the Butterflies Alive exhibit which included a visit through a butterfly house and viewing Flight of the Butterflies at the Omni theatre.

Within the 3,000 square foot garden enclosure, we were surrounded by hundreds of butterflies and moths. We were instructed not to touch the butterflies, but these beautiful insects could land on us and stay for long as the butterflies wanted. The Butterfly House had several flowering plants, trees, and ornate, insect-themed topiaries which created an inspiring and very humid atmosphere. Twenty different butterflies live in this special enclosure. Many of our students found most of the different varieties.

The Flight of the Butterfly describes a unique scientific adventure. The viewer is privileged to watch a dramatization of the almost 40 years it took Dr. Fred Urquhart to discover the monarch butterflies’ incredible migration. This absolutely beautiful film follows millions of monarch butterflies’ migratory routes from Canada, across the U.S. and into a few isolated mountaintops in Mexico.

This experience brought us closer to the beauty our God has waiting for us in Heaven.