It is the privilege of the upper-grade LJA students to present the message today. Our prayer is that you will be blessed by their efforts to share their love of Jesus. These students are a joy for Dr. Simmons and I to work with everyday. Let us introduce them to you.

Nico has a unique way of working with younger students. He has a compassion for others that never stops. ? Judith is a budding artist. Her projects demonstrate a sensitivity to God’s creation. She doesn’t know what it means to “give-up.”

Jacksen is a peaceful person who treats everyone with respect and care. He has an amazing talent for math and logic.

Hayden likes to have fun with his fellow students and can converse on a variety of topics. He is an enthusiastic reader and understands the feelings of others. ? Laura has a creative bent. She can take any art assignment and add her own personal touch. She too, is an avid reader.

Jerry is a goal minded person. When he is given a task by a teacher or of his own will, he is certain to complete the task in a timely fashion.

Our lower grade students also have exceptional talents and personalities. We thank God for them each and every day. Please continue to pray for the teachers and students of Lubbock Junior Academy.