Lubbock Junior Academy spent the day at Legacy Park for their annual picnic on Friday, May 3. The students enjoy being at Legacy Park to play games, eat a picnic lunch, and be totally away from the classroom. The students are learning how to watch out for each other and make certain everyone is having a good time.

They first played a game called, “Capture the Ball.” The students are divided into two teams and someone tries to run to their opponents’ side to capture the ball. The ball is then thrown to a teammate who is also on the opponents’ side. The ball is then carried over to their own team. We played this game three or four times. It was a fun game and fun games make for laughter and silliness.

Glenn Blake brought us a large platter of cookies. We took a water and cookie break in order to give the kids more energy for more games. These included chain tag, reverse tag, playing on the park’s castle, drop the hankie, and of course, the egg toss which is a tradition that will be remembered for a long time.

However, what will be remembered the most is the fun students of various ages had together. It didn’t matter the physical ability or coordination. All were accepted as they were. Good friends forever! Sounds like Heaven, doesn’t it?