Lubbock Junior Academy is on the brink of growth! We need to add Kindergarten along with 9th and 10th grade as we work toward a goal of soon becoming a full K-12 Academy.

Remember, Lubbock Junior Academy was one of the top three priorities set by the Church Planning. As such the School Board has appointed a research committee to assess the feasibility of adding more grades. Before the committee even met the need for a second teacher was apparent. The only financial resource LJA has available is the church. The School Board will do all in their power to recruit the students needed to offset the cost of $50,000 for an additional teacher. The Church Board has been asked to consider adding a Budget Item that would assure LJA of this financial backing.

We must add a special note of gratitude to Robert Plant, II, who substituted for Miss Z in the classroom during her absence while she and Pastor Jeremy McCombs accompanied the 5th through 8th grade students this past week as they traveled to San Antonio for a fun, educational trip.