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The Lubbock Junior Academy students recently sang “Multiply” by Dottie Rambo for special music. This children’s song was first sung in 1980 and was a part of the “Down the Creekbank” collection.

There is something very unique about this song and how it captures the imaginative essence of a child’s heart and combines wit with scriptural principles. This song is a reminder of how Jesus used the lunch of a small boy which was only five loaves of bread and two fishes. Jesus blessed this meager lunch and fed a crowd of over 5000.

Keon portrayed that small boy with a basket lunch and sang the solo part. After the song Isabella and Dylan took their baskets and handed out cards to the congregation which had scriptures of hope written upon them.

The timeless message of this song illustrates to us that “Jesus lifted the veil from the world of nature, and reveals the power that is constantly exercised for our good.” DA p. 367

Susan Zimmermann