Christmastime at Lubbock Junior Academy is a big deal. We not only practice, practice, for our Christmas program, we also like to visit places that make the true meaning of Christmas special.

This year we visited a display of nearly 800 Nativity sets from around the world. LJA students enjoyed taking pictures of Nativity sets which were richly decorated and others that were small and quaint. One Nativity set was merely two inches high.

There was also an international Nativity room with a large traditional Nativity area, a children’s Nativity display, a story Nativity room, a live Nativity place and a local artist’s gallery. There was even a craft room where the students could make their own Bethlehem stars.

Pastor Alonso and two LJA parents were along to share in this dazzling event. In the story room the students could dress up as Joseph, Mary, angels, wise men, shepherds or even a cow. In another room there was a beautiful Christmas tree, where visitors could write something for which they were thankful on an ornament and hang it on the tree.

It was truly a time when all of us could soak up the sights and sounds of Christmas.