his last week the younger students learned that a pot of stew can brew trouble or bring comfort. They learned how Esau sold his birthright for a bowl of lentil and vegetable soup. (Genesis 25:31-33) Jacob and his mother, Rebecca, who were the instigators of this deceit, little knew what kind of trouble they were brewing.

In order for the students to learn how our actions can hurt or harm us, we used a picture of a stew pot and discussed how the things we do can brew trouble or bring comfort. The students recommended we should first seek God’s counsel when we make small or large decisions. Together as we talked about Jacob and Esau’s troubles, several students made the comment that they didn’t know what lentils were, nor what was lentil stew.

On Tuesday, we sat in a circle and ate small servings of lentil soup. Student after student commented how much they enjoyed this special soup. They could readily see how Esau fell for a cunning trick that tempted his hunger at the moment.

We decided that God wants us to take our time and ask Him to help us make decisions instead of impulsively making choices based on how we feel. The Great Teacher can still help us, even in modern times, to make good, useful choices even if it takes a bowl of lentils.