A special time for church schools is at the beginning of the day with worship. We are currently practicing the music for our May 14, church service and reading stories about God’s messengers. Our angels are “a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1.

The teachers are using the book, It Must Have Been an Angel, by Marjorie Lewis Lloyd to tell stories about how angels have been used to watch over and protect God’s people. These stories are just a glimpse into the divine intervention in the lives of His children. One of the first stories we heard was about a young college girl who found herself stuck in the San Francisco downtown bus station and didn’t know how to get back to (PUC) Pacific Union College. She saw a young man carrying a Bible and assumed he was from PUC and followed him to a bus. She saw the man lean over and tell the bus driver something and then saw him leave the bus and disappear.

Another story was about an academy student who was selling books door to door. At one house the student stopped, the door was answered by a woman with two huge, menacing dogs. The dogs suddenly became quiet and the student was allowed to come in. The lady of the house pulled out two chairs and invited the student and someone else to sit down. A book sale was made and the lady hugged the student and this unseen person.

Our Lubbock Junior Academy angels are getting a glimpse into God’s angels whose encounters with us are not just rare occurrences, but a constant intervention in our lives.

Susan Zimmermann