One of the goals of a Seventh-day Adventist church school is to help students enjoy a multitude of good memories. Adults may think that children want new clothes, video games or anything else that will pacify them for a while. Actually, children desire and want time with caring adults who will help them make good memories. When these memories are good and useful, they stimulate practical intelligence or develop numerous abilities through everyday learning and putting it to effective use.

During the week of April 11-15, we conducted our Spring Week of Prayer. The week’s theme was, “How to Worship God.” Each day a different form of worshiping God was presented to the students. They then designed a page in their “Worship Memory Scrapbook.” These scrapbooks are reminders that can trigger positive memories about school and worshiping God.

It’s no mistake that God gave us the gift of memory. Over and over again in the Bible, He challenges the nation of Israel to call to mind His benefits, to remember His abundant kindness. God wants us to remember those things, because He is found in our lives in so many ways. The Lubbock Junior Academy Worship Scrapbook is another step towards building a mature and growing faith.

Susan Zimmermann