The students and teachers enjoyed a unique Valentine’s Day. First, the students heard a worship story centered around 1 Corinthians 13, the “love chapter.” At noon they exchanged valentines and valentine treats. The students were certainly excited about the clever and tasty tidbits. One of our students brought Mylar balloons for everyone. The students were asked to close their eyes and place their heads on their desks. What a surprise greeted them when they opened their eyes. Some balloons said, “I Love You” and others had bold letters stating, “You’re Sweet!” Dr. Simmons closed the day’s activities helping the students make a valentine in the shape of a butterfly by using a red and white peppermint stick for the body of butterfly. Several students were going to give the valentines to their parents or give them to another student in the classroom. Our Valentine’s Day turned out to be a very sweet and fun day!