A tradition started last school year continued this week. Lubbock Junior Academy participated in a Thanksgiving dinner. Last year, our students and teachers were able to fit nicely into just one of the classrooms for our dinner. This year, due to our increased enrollment, we held our dinner in the Fellowship Hall. Moving from the classroom to the Fellowship Hall was enough to make us very thankful. This year a few adults came to help cook and serve the dinner. We had mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls, Special-K loaf and for dessert, chocolate pie or cake. Our students enjoyed the food and the friendship of each other. They talked about Thanksgiving plans, family, and food. Each student had a unique placemat decorated with Thanksgiving crossword puzzles, mazes, and word searches. Our dinner turned into a time of making good, lasting memories. We are especially thankful for this church who took a leap of faith to start a church school and send their children. Our Thanksgiving dinner this week is only a foretaste of the magnificent banquet Jesus has planned for us in Heaven. By His grace and our prayers, we will find a section of that heavenly table filled with students from Lubbock Junior Academy. Thank you for your prayers and support.