The greatest rewards of teaching do not come with the paycheck, but rather in seeing achievements of the students. In their first year of church school Lubbock Junior Academy students showed significant academic growth as measured by national Standardized Achievement Tests.

♦ Almost daily we observe students growing the “Fruits of the Spirit” as they help one another, do acts of kindness and work hard on Bible lessons and learn memory verses.
♦ Probably the greatest reward comes when they’ve matured and still follow Jesus and dedicate their lives to helping other know Him.

Dr. Simmons will experience this reward today as she listens to Dr. Eric Anderson present his sermon. During her first year of teaching in a church school, Eric was one of her students. Today he’s helping guide hundreds of other students form a relationship with Jesus. She is also thrilled as she listens to her current students sing praises to Jesus. These types of rewards are blessings from our Creator. Even a greater reward will be on the day when we all meet in Heaven.
Susan Zimmermann