It was fun watching the students attempting to balance marbles on a flat surface. Marbles fell and bounced around the room. Deep lines of concentration were on the children’s faces. I think some even forgot to breathe.

Students participated in an object lesson which taught them that life without God’s Commandments is like balancing marbles on a flat surface with no edges. The commandments were designed to keep us within a safe zone where we can be happy and flourish. If we have other gods, lie or envy, we are outside the safety of God’s commandments. Our life is really off-balance.

After the students attempt to balance marbles on a flat surface, they were then given a bowl with high edges. These marvelous boundaries represented the happiness and shelter we have when we adhere to the Commandments which were given on Mount Sinai.

Students could carry many more marbles in the bowl. They could jump, skip, run and even do a jig when they were in the safety net of God’s Commandments. These laws were made so that we would be truly free.

Living outside the boundaries of God’s law is hazardous. You just might lose your marbles.

Susan Zimmermann