One of the privileges of a Seventh-day Adventist school is the daily worship. Each day begins with singing fun, Christ centered songs and listening to Dr. Simmons or Miss Zimmermann tell a story based on a Bible verse. These rich, character building stories foster a deeper understanding of Jesus’ character.

During the month of January, our worship theme has centered around Christians who stood tall for God. Stories of the following Christians were told and applied to living in today’s world.

John Hatfield, the Hoosier evangelist who was warmhearted and had an unusual understanding of people. Kapiolani, high chieftess of Hawaii in the 1820’s, who defied the volcano goddess, Pele, and helped convert hundreds of her fellow Hawaiians to Christianity.
Amanda Smith, an ex-slave who depended on prayer for her shoes, the money to buy her sisters freedom and food for her family. She became known for her beautiful voice, and opportunities to evangelize in the South and in the West opened up to her.
Yasujiro Aoki, a Japanese missionary who paved the way to the establishment of Hansen’s disease sanatorium, Kunigami-Airakuen, Okinawa, Japan.

The names of these selfless Christians may not be familiar, but their lives and character still inspire our Lubbock Junior Academy students to always stand tall for God.