Our speaker was Pastor Leroy Green. Our theme was “Friends”. We have the opportunity to be friends with our classmates, neighbors, church family, parents, and Jesus Christ. LJA students decided that a friend is someone who is trustful and who is there for you when you need them. A friend is also someone who is with you during the tough times and not just the good times.

Pastor Green encouraged us to be friends with those around us, especially those who seem to not fit in with everyone else.

Our parents can be good friends that can help guide us through the rough spots in life. If we choose wisely the friends with whom we associate, they can help us grow spiritually and become more like Jesus.

Each day we watched part of a DVD developed by Guide Magazine which emphasized the importance of being a friend and having good relationships with friends. Each lesson highlighted how Jesus needs to have the place of most importance in our circle of friends. We should turn to Him as naturally as a flower turns to the sun.

Pastor Green is our friend. He leads us to Jesus. That’s the kind of friend we want to have!

Susan Zimmermann