LJA students divided into two groups. One half held onto half of the rope and the other students held onto the other half of the rope. At the signal the two teams pulled with all their might. Grunts and other sounds came from the students as they tried to pull the other team over to their side.

The last week of October was LJA Red Ribbon Week, a week devoted to learning how to say, “No,” to drugs. The use of drugs and alcohol is a deadly tug-of-war to many teenagers and adults. However, in this war, it can be a life or death situation.

The theme of this year’s Red Ribbon Week was, “Respect Yourself: Don’t Do Drugs.” Each day, Miss Zimmermann told of an experience she had had with people who were on a dangerous course with drugs or alcohol. She also emphasized that Jesus is always willing to help us through the difficult times and the pain that comes with those hard times. Jesus also uses other people to help support us when times are bad.

As a Christian our main goal is to always remember, “Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 6:19. Remember, with God’s help, we can win the drug and alcohol tug-of-war!