It’s always interesting to combine serious concepts with a bit of fun. During the week of October 25-29, the Lubbock Junior Academy students learned about the benefits of healthful living and the adverse effects of using mind altering drugs.

During our morning worships we learned about how using stimulants such as methamphetamines, cocaine, or amphetamine have the same physical effects including increased wakefulness, increased physical activity, decreased appetite, increased respiration, rapid heart rate, irregular heartbeat, increased blood pressure, and hyperthermia.

Each day, we combined a tickle of fun with our serious topic. Our goal was to help our students draw a connection between no-drug abuse and a happy lifestyle. Students and teachers wore the following special clothing and learned the following saying during our Red Ribbon Week.
Monday: “Shade Out Drugs Day” We wore sunglasses.
Tuesday: “Don’t Let Drugs Give You the Slip” We wore slippers.
Wednesday: “Put a Cap on Drugs” We wore a special cap or hat.
Thursday: “Drugs Give You the Blues” We wore blue clothes.
Friday: “Don’t let Drugs Tie You in Knots” We wore crazy ties.

Every day a student participated, they received a sticker which represented part of an ice-cream sundae that they would receive on Friday.

Remember, drug free is the way to be!