The Education Department of the Texico Conference hosts an annual “Outdoor School” for all the Grade 5 through 8 students in the Texico Conference. This experience is designed to supplement the curriculum taught in the classroom.

LJA students participated for the first time during the first week of September. “Outdoor School” was held in Cedar Creek Camp near Ruidoso, New Mexico. Pastor and Mrs. McCombs were the students’ drivers and chaperones.

Some LJA students participated in rappelling. This is a controlled descent down a rock using ropes. The students wore a safety harness and used a strong, slim rope, jumped down the 35 ft. cliff crevice and bounced to the other side of the cliff crevice which was designed to give them a steady, safe landing.

Other activities included building a fire, orienteering, art, roasting marshmallows and more. “Outdoor School” was a big hit and every student came back in one piece.

Susan Zimmermann