We currently have several happy students! They are excited because they have finished, or are nearly finished, with the required work for their grade level. The students have worked hard. Some have completed 16 to 20 pages of math in one week. When completed, every page is checked by the teacher and any errors are then corrected by the student. If some concept still seems confusing, a different approach to learning that concept is tried. Soon, students work harder on the process of learning than “getting the right answer.” When the learning process is clear it can be applied to other concepts.

Last week, I sent a letter with a registration sheet to all school age students and their families. If you have a school-age child and did not receive a letter, please let me know and I’ll be happy to mail one to you.

Lubbock Junior Academy would love to be the school of your choice. Please feel free to drop in for a visit or talk to Miss Zimmermann or Dr. Simmons about the school’s curriculum and philosophy of learning.

Please check the internet and read the following article found in the L.A. Times. The article is: The Conversation: Pursuing Successful Education Reforms Might Mean Going the Way of Adventists.” at http://opinion.latimes.com/opinionla/2010/11/the-conversation-pursuing-successfuleducation-reform-might-mean-going-the-way-of-adventists.html