During a recent visit to the LJA classroom, Mrs. Connie Buckman, asked students to find their pulse. Just finding their pulse was a challenge.

However, after they did a few jumping jacks, finding their pulse became much easier.

They learned that exercising helps rid their bodies of toxins and releases endorphins. Many kinds of exercises such as jumping rope, doing bend overs, chin-ups, and exercising with weights are also good.

So, why exercise? It is good for our hearts. It’s fun, and it’s good for our health! Good health makes for a healthy pulse and a good pulse it worth everything.

Revelation 22:17 states “And whosoever will, let him take of water of life freely.” Mrs. Buckman gave us water with lemon. The taste was refreshing. We were reminded to drink plenty of fresh water every day. Our body is 60% water and our brains are 80% water. We need water.

Each student received a jump-rope and a bottle of water. This presentation supported the standards of our church’s health message, our science textbooks and the principles of good health. Let’s drink water to good health.

Susan Zimmermann