Traditionally, eighth grade graduation marks the half-way point in a person’s academic journey for students can often look forward to another eight years in high school and college. Lubbock Junior Academy’s half-way-point graduation was held May 17, 2015. Two LJA students, Guilherme “Gui” Nogueira and Hayden McCombs, completed their elementary years.

The entire school population marched the graduates into the sanctuary. Cameras were flashing and parents were smiling some of their broadest smiles.

The graduates marched in and took a seat on the platform, along with Mr. Derral Reeve, Texico Conference Education Director, Mr. Glenn Blake, LJA School Board Chair, Pastor Jeremy McCombs, parent and our church pastor, Miss Michelle Rico, LJA teacher, and Miss Susan Zimmermann, LJA principal and teacher.

After the usual welcome and prayer, Hayden and Gui gave a tribute to their parents and presented them each with an orange Gerber Daisy.

Hayden gave a class address, and his father, Pastor Jeremy, inspired our graduates to “run the race to win the prize.” The prize being the glorious Kingdom of Heaven.

Diplomas and awards were presented to Hayden and Gui. Every LJA student also received an award from LJA or a Presidential Achievement award. A reception in the church parlor followed the graduation, with more picture taking, eating cake, and drinking a sweet punch.

The journey Gui and Hayden are on to win God’s race is not limited to LJA graduates, but to all children of our church. Please consider sending your child to LJA in order to assist them in winning the greatest race of all.

Susan Zimmermann