The students were certainly in a pickle last Friday. We were the recipients of a huge jar of sour dill pickles. Our thanks to Mrs. Jan Yates for the hilarious donation. The students were thrilled to have large dill pickles as an addition to their usual sack lunch. Several students had quite a time jamming the extra wide pickles into their mouths. Some decided to spoon out just the center while others began to squeeze the pickles to drink the brine. We saw a look of shock as one after another bit into an extra sour section. One student was amazed when I told him that pickles were made out of cucumbers. He said, “But I don’t like cucumbers!” However, he went merrily on his way chewing and sucking his pickle. Another student just set his head down on his desk because it was such a chore eating this giant pickle. Almost every student took a pickle and ate all or most of it. They enjoyed watching each other swallow, chew and bite into the zesty condiment.
Susan Zimmermann