We took our yearly visit to the Apple Orchard last week to experience Fall in an orchard setting. There are 6,000 apple trees on this vast property and not an apple to be seen on any tree. We were told a couple of frosts in April had killed the apple blossoms which led to no apples.

However, we did learn how bees make honey and we tasted some delicious cotton honey. We also tasted some mouth watering apple cider. Next, came a fun hay ride. What is fall without a hayride? Red, the orchard’s friendly dog, rode with us. Red licked faces and cuddled up to the LJA students like they were long lost family.

The owner of the orchard stopped to educate us about the natural technique used to keep insects and worms away from the apple trees. We also had the opportunity to release a few ladybugs onto the orchard trees. The ladybugs tickled our fingers and were a delight to hold. Ladybugs like to eat the harmful insects which are attracted to these trees.

Finally, each of us was given five large apples from the country of Chile. Our annual trek to the orchard is always fun and reminds all of us that we are “the apple of God’s eye.” What a marvelous thought!

Susan Zimmermann