We are blessed at Lubbock Junior Academy to have Mrs. Elizabeth Verastegui help us every morning. In addition to listening to students read and assist them with math, she has also taught finger knitting to several of them.

Students make a slipknot and secure it on their thumb. With their palm facing front, they begin to loop the yarn from the back of the hand behind the index finger and around to the palm side and back. Next the fluffy yarn moves on to the middle, ring, and pinkie fingers.

During read aloud time, our students take a skein of yarn and begin making row upon row of knitted yarn. Some of our young ones have made several feet of these knitted rows. All of this is done without any knitting needles or hooks.

It’s amazing what our hands can do. They can reach out to someone in need or write beautiful poetry. Hands can also fold in prayer to our Maker and Father. God gave us hands for creativity and for serving others. Lubbock Junior Academy helps students use their hands in many meaningful ways.