There are times when we close our math books, shelve the spelling exercises, and dismiss handwriting in order to celebrate special times. This past Friday the students of LJA had a Christmas party.

Our day started out with an inspirational Christmas story and prayer. Following worship we started a game which has become one of our traditions. Students are asked to guess which LJA student the teacher is talking about. Some student guesses who it is and everyone collects points. When enough points are collected, then the student can collect a wrapped present. At the end of the game, students unwrap their presents to see what silly presents they have received.

Recess is always a must on these party days. Running games are usually the most popular. This year was no exception. Students ran and tagged each other. Someone always falls or skids, and laughs the whole time.

The day ended with Limbo which is when a horizontal bar is placed on top of two vertical bars. Each student attempts to go under the bar with their backs facing the floor. Giggles and good natured groans erupted. The youngest children had a great advantage because of their short height. Some students finally just rolled under the Limbo bar.

Schoolwork and fun both have a time and a place at LJA!