One cool October Fall day we visited the Apple Orchard in Idalou, TX. The orchard has 6,000 apple trees and miles of walking paths between the rows and rows of trees. We were able to take a hayride around the orchard while learning about the doves, snakes and honeybees that call the orchard their home. Each student and teacher was given a plastic bag and instructed to fill it to the brim and eat as many apples as they wished while they were picking, and most of us did just that! The types of apples we picked and ate were Red Delicious, Fuji, Pink Ladies and Golden Delicious.

We learned that chemical pesticides are not used here. Instead, they release 3,000 ladybugs every few weeks to eat any harmful pests. We also tasted some raw honey made by the resident honeybees. Every step we took was a feast for the tummy and eyes. There were rows upon rows of trees filled with a variety of apple colors.

The teachers were able to take this special opportunity to remind the students that God protects us and that King David wanted God to remember to keep him the “apple of his eye.” This special Biblical metaphor found in Psalm 17:8, is a constant reminder that God watches us and takes care of us.