Some LJA students are studying the life of King Solomon. A typical Bible lesson consists of reading a chapter in their textbook, learning a memory verse, lively discussion, and a few assignments to reinforce the concept.

Our concept regarding King Solomon centered on the unselfishness of the King when he obeyed and listened to God’s will, and the endless selfishness when he listened only to himself and ungodly companions.

When the King was newly crowned, he felt like a child who was unable to undertake ruling a great nation. When God asked King Solomon for what he wished, King Solomon wisely asked for understanding and wisdom. Our gracious God gave the King not only wisdom and understanding but also wealth and peace.

Each citizen in the kingdom had a house and a garden. There was a beautiful temple in which to worship and honor God. But Solomon, like most of us, was not satisfied with the generous gifts from God. Instead, Solomon married many women and built idols for his wives. The students questioned the true wisdom of Solomon for rejecting the counsel of God.

These times are when a church school teacher and students can talk openly about things that really matter. Learning from the mistakes and triumphs of King Solomon aids every student and teacher in examining their own relationship with Christ. Please consider helping or sending a child to Lubbock Junior Academy. The benefits are out of this world!