Dear Church Family,

I hope this letter finds you blessed and in health. The 4th of July is the day we celebrate independence and freedom as a nation. As a young child I had virtually no understanding of the Declaration of Independence or the great struggle it took to make it more than just a concept and words on paper. All I could think about was the fireworks, all that amazing flashing, banging, sparkling, smoking fun. I don’t get nearly as excited about it now. But I remember the feelings and the anticipation. Then when the day of the 4th came, my Dad always said we needed to wait until it was dark. I don’t recollect we ever did make it all the way till dark. Whatever stockpile of fireworks we managed to scrounge together started getting whittled away, one here, two there, snuck out and let off at various times through the day when the anticipation became too great for mortal heart to endure. But then the time would come and dad would say, “okay, it’s time.” And then what joy! Strangely the joy was always over too soon and no matter how much we had, it was never enough.

Although I still enjoy fireworks, the 4th of July has come to symbolize something far different and far more significant to me. I thank God for the Liberties we have in our country. Even more, I thank God for the freedom He has given in Jesus Christ and I long for the great day of deliverance to come. The glory of His return will be better than any fireworks display man could devise. I wonder how His heart must ache with the anticipation for that day. I know it must be greater than mine has ever ached. May this 4th of July remind us that the day is fast approaching when the Father will say, “It’s time”. And then what Joy! That joy will never end and there will always be enough! “He which testifieth these things saith, ‘Surely I come quickly’. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.” Revelation 22:20.

No fireworks! However, several activities are scheduled to explode with blessings for all willing participants this coming month of July.

The Texico Youth Rush Team has arrived and will be sharing some of their talents and testimonies Sabbath morning, July 5. They will also be actively sharing the “Good News” with Lubbock and the surrounding cities through July 18. Our church is privileged to have been chosen as a host for these young disciples. Youth Rush is a 10 week summer missionary program for youth. They focus on sharing the gospel through books, DVDs, and by personal contact with people throughout many cities and towns in New Mexico and West Texas. Each student has the opportunity to share materials that focus on the gospel, health, Bible prophecy, and the life of Jesus. Please welcome them if they visit your home.

Next big event will be Vacation Bible School, Monday through Friday, July 7-11, from 6:00 to 8:30pm, under the direction of Archel Burda. AGENCY D3 will entertain and challenge ages 4 through 12. Archel stated; they will “Trace it back to just the facts! The evidence is clear. The proof is all right here! Come DISCOVER, DECIDE and DEFEND the truth about who Jesus really is.” This will be an adventure children will not want to miss.

Sabbath, July 12, the Worship Service, at 11:00am, will feature three youth speakers along with the Vacation Bible School Chorus.

Our church is also privileged to host the Texico Filipino Convocation the weekend of July 18 and 19. Theme will be “All Power Is Given”. This event features a Vespers Service Friday, July 18, 7:00pm, with Pastor Rolly Baysa. He serves at the Asian-Pacific Ministries Coordinator for the Southwestern Union Conference. Sabbath, July 19, Pastor Nemy Basit will coordinate the 11:00am Worship Service which will feature LeeRoy Chacon, President of the Texico Conference, as the speaker. The Lubbock Filipino Group will host a Fellowship Lunch, followed by Pastor Abner Razon coordinating a Singspiration/Testimonies /Reports. The Convocation will conclude with Sundown worship, a potluck dinner and an evening social.

Sabbath, July 26, Evangelist Richard Halverson will be the guest speaker for our Worship Service. Plan to stay for a Fellowship Lunch and meet with Pastor Halverson in the early afternoon. Please continue to pray for, and plan to participate in, the upcoming Evangelistic Campaign planned for October 17 through November 15.

Please pray for me as I pray for you!

God’s richest blessings,
Pastor Jeremy McCombs

PS: Remember the link to our web-page is Our weekly church bulletin is posted to keep you updated on the latest events.