Let Me Count The Ways!

There are many different ways to communicate: “I love you.” Some favorites might be: Giving flowers or chocolates? Not hiding the remote for the TV? Going out to a special meal? A foot-rub or massage? Cleaning the bathroom? Obeying one’s parents? Saying, “I’m sorry”? Or just saying the words: “I love you!”

About 20 years ago Gary Chapman wrote several books about “Love Languages.” He identified that people understand messages of love in different ways, namely: #1. Words of Affirmation; #2.Quality Time; #3.Receiving Gifts; #4. Acts of Service; #5.Physical Touch.

Not surprisingly, we typically communicate to others in the “love language” we prefer for ourselves. For example, if I like to hear comments like, “You take such good care of me,” (love language #1) I may try to say something affirming back to the person. But that person may prefer quality time from me (love language #2) instead of words of affirmation (love language #1). If you’re interested in more about Chapman’s love languages, just Google it.

ou can try different ways of communicating “I love you” with someone you love. Can you identify which “love language” you prefer? Maybe you resonate with more than one. How about other people who are close to you? Can you let them know in their love language that important message: “I love you”?

We can take this same idea into our relationship with God. What love language does God use to communicate His love to you? Does God use more than one? What is your source of assurance that God loves you?

This Sabbath we’ll take a look at how God communicates His love to us. Today’s sermon: “How Do I Love You? Let Me Count the Ways” focuses on this. We will zero in on one specific message of God’s love that many of us may have missed.

When we see God’s love in new and deep ways, what will our response be? I promise to give you the invitation to love God in return. And I will also give you an opportunity to express that.

This is a foretaste of the Revelation 101 intensive “Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation.” our church will host this September 8-16. Please mark your calendar and invite others to join you.

Dr. Steve Case