This week we continue to look at prayer with our emphasis on the benefits of praying together. Questions that we will be examining out of texts such as Acts 1 & 2 are:

  • I already pray, so why pray as a group?
  • With life being so busy, how much time should be dedicated to corporate prayer?

This is the third part of our series, entitled,
HIStory of Prayer – Where Is It’s Place Today?”,
where we are looking at:

  •  How to recognize our need of prayer?
  • How to get more out of prayer?
  • The role of prayer in the history of the church
  • Personal vs. corporate prayer
  • Jesus’s great dependence and experienced benefits of prayer

I want to invite you next Sabbath to the last sermon of this series where a large portion of the sermon will be dedicated to applying what we’ve been studying.

Blessings as we all continue to make prayer a greater focus in our church family!

Pastor Ray