LJA students recently read sections of Christ’s Object Lessons, Ellen White’s book describing the stories Jesus told. This book describes how Jesus used common objects and everyday life to teach about God’s grace, love, and salvation. Each page speaks of wisdom from Heaven for all His followers.

Students located the online version of Christ’s Object Lessons using their Chromebooks. They also explored the special gifts of the Holy Spirit which are given to all who ask and use their talents/gifts wisely.

Seven gifts used in service to God.

Mental Faculties: Our Lord requires the careful training of our minds.
Speech: The way we speak and what we say is our greatest blessing.
Influence: We are commissioned to promote happiness in everyone with whom we come in contact.
Time: The way we use our time is precious to us and to God.
Health: Health has a direct effect on our mind and physical powers.
Strength: We must exercise and keep our bodies healthy to have the strength needed to meet everyday challenges.
Money: Use the money we make and spend for the honor and glory of God.

Class discussion centered on how the Holy Spirit is revealed, and how to recognize when the Holy Spirit is leading.

You are welcome to join us for Bible class anytime. We would like to hear about your Gifts of the Spirit.

Susan Zimmermann