It is always a pleasure to have a guest speaker come to Lubbock Junior Academy. We want our students to be aware that the Seventh- day Adventist church has scores of people who dedicate their lives to serving Jesus. Our recent visit from Pastor Richard Halversen was a fascinating look into his life as a teenager, and the life he has now as an evangelist is an inspiration to the LJA students and teachers.

Pastor Halversen was born in Brooklyn and soon became part of a fighting gang on the streets of New York City. He told us of his amazing conversion story, of how the Lord Jesus Christ and his brother, Ron, pulled him out of the gangs and gave him a new purpose in life.

Our visit from Pastor Halversen emphasized that there was no hope when he and his brothers were part of the gang culture in Brooklyn, NY. School was a joke where students were just passed through in order to get rid of them. When he graduated from public school, he could hardly read or write.

However, Pastor Halversen told us that we can find the best hope there is with Jesus Christ. We can have a new life when we accept Jesus as our Savior. Jesus never gives up on us. Jesus will help us find the way out of our own personal ghetto to live a life of joy with Him.

Susan Zimmermann